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Mondo Rondo stall at the 2013 Sydney Fashion Show

The images in this slideshow are from Carolyn's trip to Yuendumu N.T. where the Warlukurlangu Art Centre is located

Carolyn and Warlukurlangu artist Mr Shorty Jangala Robertson




Mondo Rondo Designs was created 12 years ago in the urban sprawl and crawl of Newtown, Sydney.  A growing family tree change bought the business to the eclectic and inspiring Northern Rivers NSW town of Lismore 9 years ago. We are very fortunate to have a farm base studio for design (ie Carolyn can spread out) with our production team based in town at the very cool address of 123 Keen Street.   Mondo Rondo means the world is round.  From the design perspective that has meant looking, seeing past the obvious,  transforming,  re-purposing objects  to become new things.  To discover the story and then send it round the world again with a new identity for appreciation and value. It also means that, from an attitude perspective the world starts here in Australia. We discover ideas, design and make everything here to go round the world.

The very successful Indigenous Jewellery Collection featuring artists from Utopia and Warlukurlangu led us to discover the amazing and inspiring world of Australian Indigenous culture through their incredible artworks.  The strength of the artist’s works, the depth of meaning in every colour and mark is truly inspiring.

Working in the world of artists, remote outback communities, curators, art centre managers and galleries owners all over Australia has opened up a whole layer of appreciation of what is, in my view, Australia’s greatest national treasure - our Indigenous people and the wealth of knowledge in all forms that they bring to a modern world.   
The discovery continues with the launch of the ArtWEAR Clothing Collection. We are thrilled to be collaborating with the Warlukulangu artists of Yuendumu again with their amazing artworks.  As with all our products, featuring indigenous artworks, information about the artists and their Jukurrpa (dreaming) comes with each piece for you to discover the story. 

Royalties from every piece are paid to directly benefit the artists and their communities.

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Carolyn Daniell - Designer


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